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(SCG) International certificate to Sabac-based factory "Fenster AS"

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For the second time Sabac-based company "Fenster AS" (www.fenster-as.com) was awarded international prize. This time the award is from Paris, from the international association for quality that covers territories of 160 countries. The company from our country obtained diamond medal and it also received one domestic certificate for the first time. Namely, this company was pronounced the business partner of the year 2005 in the field of civil engineering.
PVC carpentry produced by "Fenster AS" won choosy Western market, such as Swedish, Austrian, German and Belgian. The latest investment of €100,000 in computerized machines for production enabled better quality and productivity.
-So far we have been producing 60 windows in 8 hours, whereas now we produce 180 windows. During eight hours of work, one man could assemble 35 blinds. With the new machines, the same man will be able to assemble 100 blinds. Our aim is to completely automate production and to bring share of salaries in cost price to European level - 5 % - says owner of the company Zivanko Mihajlovic.
By the way, "Fenster AS" is among 60 domestic brands in the category of small enterprises.